Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Engine Company 3

The Dinoia Family let me host a simple party to celebrate their youngest's third birthday. To no one's surprise, he never wavered on his chosen theme-firetrucks.
A simple spread for a simple party. Fire hose made from the plastic tubing sold to corral computer cables, and a nozzle of aluminum foil. Revolving red lights from Oriental Trading. Diamond plate wrapping paper from Target would also be perfect for a construction-themed party/gift. Chili and barbeque made a simple, kid-friendly dinner.

The Craigslist firetruck rides again
Birthday boy fascinated by a tour of the local Volunteer Fire Department. They were very accommodating, and we were happy to make a donation to support them.
Bucket brigade party game. Buckets from Target and some mini marshmallows for "water." The idea was that they would douse the "fire" (red and gold mylar tissue from the dollar store, in a wood crate.) This was better in theory than in practice, as the first fireman aimed short of his mark, and the entire brigade followed suit. Thank goodness I only invited kids whose parents don't freak out if they eat marshmallows off my floor.
Cake adorned with emergency vehicles (complete with lights and sirens!)  from the Target dollar aisle.  Sweet Nick had only two requests for his party: 1) he wanted Baby Nate to be in attendance, and 2) a cake with a police car, a firetruck, and an ambulance. So these vehicles were like manna from heaven to an unskilled cake decorator.

Nicholas had his eyes closed for the entire birthday song. He was either taught to close his eyes when making a wish, or he hates the sound of our singing.

Favors were mini galvanized pails with yogurt raisins, stickers for the littles and atomic fireballs for the bigs, and dollar store flashlights, a hit with all ages. 
Many happy returns, fireman Nicholas!


Becky said...

I have never seen your blog before. You have fantastic ideas! It was so nice of you to do this too.

Cat said...

Mentioned you on my blog today!! I hope that you don't mind. (I linked it back to your wonderful blog....)