Sunday, October 3, 2010

Dr. Seuss ABC

Mark and I hosted a party this weekend to welcome baby George, the son of a vet school classmate and her husband. George's nursery is decorated with Dr. Seuss ABC bedding, which inspired the party theme. 

The buffet followed the alphabet, with appetizers from A-Q, and desserts from R-Z.

Some details:

Thankfully, the (several) veterinarians in attendance overlooked the numerous anatomical inaccuracies on the x-ray cookies. 

We are so thrilled for this wonderful family!


Jenn Klarman said...

How incredibly clever! Too, too neat! ;) Jenn

gardenmama said...

Wow! What an incredible party, everything looks amazing!

Teacher said...

Do you have a list of the foods used for each letter? I would love to have it! Your creativity is awesome! Please email me at lldrop @
Thank you!!