Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sela's Ladybug Birthday

My friend Sophia let me help with her daughter Sela's second birthday party. She chose a ladybug and daisy theme. The invites:


The paper cones are filled with red and black M&Ms, of course!

Sophia found ladybug toys and temporary tattoos for the goody bags, and I helped dress them up.

Sophia had the idea to put spots (felt stickers) on the cups for the juice-too cute! I thought it needed a (glittery) sign. Doing this at 2 am (during an intermission in Nate's teething fuss) I had another of those "should someone stage an intervention for me?" moments. Of course, if they did, I'd want a nice theme and handmade invites.

The gorgeous cake Sophia made, with homemade strawberry and chocolate buttercream.

And several dozen cupcakes, lovingly decorated by various Aunties with fondant daisies.

The beautiful birthday girl in her sweet party dress...

which gave me an excuse to make a paper poppy to dress up her gift:


Jen said...

I'd stage an intervention, but that might prevent you from helping me with Nicholas's birthday next year...or Kelsey's..

Yeah, no intervention necessary, we love your crazy crafty self just the way you are!

Shannon and Mark said...

Thank goodness, I already have ideas for Nicholas!

boatbaby said...

I don't know what's cuter... all those fabulous details or that gorgeous little girl? Way to go!