Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Moo, moo...Wesley's Two!

My nephew Wesley turned two this past weekend. For his party, his mom Andrea combined two of his loves, cows and ice cream, into a fun party.

Andrea created this ice cream toppings bar, including white and black M&Ms and an Oreo brand topping with Oreo crumbs and cow sprinkles. Lesson learned: kids care only about chocolate and rainbow sprinkles and chocolate syrup. Also, this is why God made plastic tablecloths.

Andrea set her amazing cow cupcakes on a bed of artificial grass.

I stamped these wooden spoons for ice cream with alphabet stamps using StazOn ink.

Andrea cut brownies for the sundaes with alphabet cookie cutters. Mmmm, would have liked to help with cleanup after that task.

I made party hats from scrapbook paper and beading elastic.

Andrea gave party favors (the classic cow-in-a-can and a shooting foam ice-cream cone) in plain white bags. The kids   used googly eyes and construction paper to create cow puppets from the bags. Nate let me do his, since he's only 8 months old. Or perhaps because he knows I'm a craft dork. He didn't specify.

What a fun day to celebrate a fun little boy!


Erin said...

This turned out great! You and Andrea did an awesome job - as always! Can the dynamic duo do my next birthday? :)

Awesome job! I'm sure kids and grown-up's alike enjoyed!

Jen said...

Um, already thinking about the big 3 and what fire engine red fun we can create for LG (if you wanna help, of course :-)

Margaret said...

What a gorgeous party! I love all the little details, especially the ice cream spoons and the crafty cow puppets. And those cupcakes are so cute!

Lorie said...

The cow cupcakes are really cute, but I think I love the moo brownies the best! Such a clever idea!!!

swankychicfete said...

awesome ideas!

Garnish said...

Shannon...this party is adorable! We're so happy that the Garnish spoons were able to be part of such a special day.

Garnish + Enjoy,

- Suzanne

A Little Bit of Everything! said...

How cute! This made me smile. Visiting from Craft Gossip.

Anonymous said...

Love those cupcakes! Can you tell me what kind of candy was used for the ears? Going to make them for our farm-theme party!


The Salty Dogs said...

Stacy, the horns were root beer jelly bellies and the ears were Crows (licorice gumdrops; they come in a box like movie candy) cut in half.

Anonymous said...

Very cute! Is the nose and eyes just icing?