Tuesday, December 8, 2009

'Tis the Season!

In between preparations for baby Nate's arrival, I have been crafting my buns off. I've had to let some things go this Christmas. I'm not sure we will have a proper tree, for example, and most of the gifts I'm giving are wrapped in the paper I'm sick of, in hopes of a fresh start next year. But the two above are exceptions: a candy-themed gift for a girl nicknamed "Lollipop," and a movie-themed gift basket for another friend. I built the box and covered it in fun velveteen-dot paper, then made "popcorn" from yellow tissue paper.
And I promised the mom of a boy nicknamed "Moose" that I would continue the tradition of photo ornaments, after starting last year. Scraps of woodgrain cardstock provided the perfect jumping-off point.
These are just the things I can show you without ruining Christmas surprises; stay tuned!

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